Knee Care-Technology Solution in India with unparalleled results

Dated: 12th Jan’2016


Knee Care-Innovative Solution for every other Indian with this chronic Knee Problems


Marutaka Pulse Co Ltd, Japan has launched in India it’s most Innovative technological solution for every other Indian suffering from chronic Knee problems. Every other Indian has some or the other chronic Knee problem but none of the medicines or therapy or devise can give the desired result as this knee care device can. That’s an assurance. The products are duly cleared by the Medical Devices Division of the CDSCO, Min. of Health & family Welfare, Govt. of India. The products are manufactured by Marutaka Pulse Co. Ltd, Japan at their state of the art plant with the best of technology applied towards developing a world class product with an unparalleled technology. Do not go on word just use the device and see the results for your self.

 Knee care Plus

(It is a paid Delivery anywhere in India. Please read the disclaimer below):

All Inclusive Delivery Price/unit: INR 75,000.00

**For Bulk Orders for More than 10 Units Special Price would be shared via email

CP: Mr. Ravi Jha
Mob:  +91-9999005379

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