Imported Cosmetics categories as Laid down by CDSCO

List of Cosmetics categories as Laid down by CDSCO

Dated: 30th Jan’2016


Categories as per Column-3

S No Categories
1 Face care products other than face mask
2 Face mask
3 Eye contour products
4 Lip care products
5 Hand care products
6 Foot care products
7 Body care products
8 External intimate care products
9 Chemical exfoliation products
10 Mechanical exfoliation products
11 Skin lightening products
12 Other skin care products
13 Soap products
14 Bath / shower products
15 Make-up remover products
16 External Intimate hygiene products
17 Other skin cleansing products
18 Chemical depilatories
19 Physical epilation products
20 Other body hair removal products
21 Bleach for body hair
22 Products with antiperspirant activity
23 Products without antiperspirant activity
24 Shaving products
25 Pre- / after-shaving products
26 Other shaving and pre- / after- shaving products
27 Foundation
28 Concealer
29 Other face make-up products
30 Mascara
31 Eye shadow
32 Eye pencil
33 Eye liner
34 Other eye make-up products
35 Lip stick
36 Lipstick sealer
37 Other lip make-up products
38 Body or face paint , including “carneval make-up”
39 Other make-up products
40 Hydroalcoholic perfumes
41 Non hydroalcoholic perfumes
42 Before and ater sun products Sun protection products
43 Self-tanning products
44 Other sun and self-tanning products
45 Other skin products
46 Hair conditioner
47 Scalp and hair roots care products
48 Antihairloss products
49 Other hair and scalp care and cleansing products
50 Antidandruff products
51 Oxidative hair colour products
52 Non-oxidative hair colour products
53 Hair bleaching and dye remover products
54 Other hair colouring products
55 Products for temporary hair
56 styling Permanent wave products
57 Hair relaxer / straightener products
58 Other hair styling products
59 Hair sun protection products
60 Other hair and scalp products
61 Nail varnish / Nail make-up
62 Nail varnish remover
63 Nail varnish thinner
64 Nail bleach
65 Other nail varnish and remover products
66 Nail care products
67 Nail hardener
68 Other nail care / nail hardener products
69 Nail glue remover
70 Cuticle remover / softener
71 Nail sculpting products
72 Other nail and cuticle products
73 Toothpaste
74 Tooth cleansing powder / salt
75 Other tooth care products
76 Mouth wash
77 Breath spray
78 Other mouth wash / breath spray products
79 Tooth whiteners
80 Other oral hygiene products

Guidelines on Registration of Import of Cosmetics

Source: CDSCO, MOH&FW, Govt. of India

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