Leather Jackets from India

Dated: 12/11/2016

The Best Leather Jackets from India- Attractive Colors & Patterns

Leather Type : SHEEP NAPPA.

Inside material : SUEDE NATURAL.

Thickness and Texture : 0.6mm to 0.75mm.

Inner Lining, pocketing : TAFETTA/Polyster/Satin.

Fussing : Non-Woven.

Polyfill : 40gsm to 100gsm.

Zipper :Ticket 50 & 80

Pattern No: OOA-2

Pattern No: 001A

Pattern No: 002A-1

Pattern No: 0003A

Pattern No: 0004A

Pattern No: 0005A

Pattern No: 0002A

Pattern No: 0002B

Pattern No: 0002B-1

Pattern No: 0003B 

Price for International Market:

Price List of Leather Jacket

S No Model No/Pattern No Price in USD
1 0001A 200
2 0002A-1 200
3 0003A 200
4 0004A 250
5 0005A 250
6 0002A 200


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