Some rare products for use in Space and Defence Technology

Copper-Iridium RP & High Energy Photons extracted from temple top

Dated: 13/08/2017

Rice pulling material is used to control gravity conditions in the spacecraft. Anyone who has rice puller can defy earth’s gravity field. Military applications: It is used in satellites to control volcanic eruptions and change gravity of a point on earth. Can threaten world peace if fallen into rogue nations. Can make people of a particular region to crawl in a war like scenario. Its a scam kind of activity prevailing mostly in Indian sub-continent and South Asia.

  1. High energy photons extracted from temple top and bind with white paste
  2. packing- 2 layers of silicon fibre barrel
  3. length 6 inches width 1 inches
  4. total barrel weight 118 grams
  5. shield properly with green acid-it provides safety and right temperature to high energy photons
  6. safety green acid quantity 20-25 ml
  7. white paste quantity 4-6 grams
  8. hydraulically packed both ends(rubber) with cathode and anode connections

Short Description

Ultra-high-energy gamma rays are gamma rays with photon energies higher than 100 TeV (0.1 PeV). They have a frequency higher than 2.42 × 1028 Hz and a wavelength shorter than 1.24 × 10−20 m. As of 2014, they are theoretical only and have not been detected. The highest energy astronomical sourced gamma rays detected are very-high-energy gamma rays.


Ultra-high-energy gamma rays are of importance because they may reveal the source of cosmic rays. Discounting the relatively weak effect of gravity, they travel in a straight line from their source to an observer. This is unlike cosmic rays which have their direction of travel scrambled by magnetic fields. Sources that produce cosmic rays will almost certainly produce gamma rays as well, as the cosmic ray particles interact with nuclei or electrons to produce photons or neutral pions which in turn decay to ultra-high-energy photons.

The ratio of primary cosmic ray hadrons to gamma rays also gives a clue as to the origin of cosmic rays. Although gamma rays could be produced near the source of cosmic rays, they could also be produced by interaction with cosmic microwave background by way of the Greisen–Zatsepin–Kuzmin limit cutoff above 50 EeV.

Ultra-high-energy gamma rays interact with magnetic fields to produce positron electron pairs. In the earth’s magnetic field, a 1021 eV photon is expected to interact about 5000 km above the earth’s surface. The high-energy particles then go on to produce more lower energy photons that can suffer the same fate. This effect creates a beam of several 1017 eV gamma ray photons heading in the same direction as the original UHE photon. This beam is less than 0.1 m wide when it strikes the atmosphere. These gamma rays are too low-energy to show the Landau–Pomeranchuk–Migdal effect. Only magnetic field perpendicular to the path of the photon causes pair production, so that photons coming in parallel to the geomagnetic field lines can survive intact till they meet the atmosphere. These photons that come through the magnetic window can make a Landau–Pomeranchuk–Migdal shower.

Concern Area

For national security, it is important to detect the presence of special nuclear materials, especially highly-enriched uranium (HEU). Generally used methods for such detection include interrogation by photons and neutrons. For example, photofission in HEU can be initiated with 14-MeV photons. The resulting delayed neutrons and photons from the fission fragments are clear signatures of the presence of HEU. One can generate high- energy photons using electron accelerators via various mechanisms.

Usage by

Organisations/Institutions engaged in Particle Physics across the globe


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