Digital Ecosystem for Freight Forwarders & Freight Agents

Dated: 20.11.2018

Ever imagined a Digital Platform to ease your EXIM Freight Management in a  24X7 environment?? Think of managing your entire EXIM logistics and management through a cloud based software that is intelligent enough to suggest options of the most competitive Freight, Trucking, Warehousing, Customs Broking and Insurance?

This incredible thought just came to our mind and we are pleased to announce that we are now on-boarding partners on this NEUTRAL eFreight for all types of services. We welcome all Freight Forwarders, Warehousing co., Trucking Co., Insurance Players and Specialised Equipment providers to come & connect here and avail the new FREE eFreight Platform that will ensure new business for your team. Its a No Frill eFreight Platform which lets you sit back and software do its work to manage your entire end to end logistics ecosystem. The data is protected with the most advanced security system that lets Service Providers to feed in the rates into the system and the data is protected by a Non Disclosure Pact (NDA) between Q-Freight & its Trading partners.

Please take a look at to explore the limitless opportunities for your team & you.


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