Transport & Marketing Assistance Scheme for Promoting Agricultural Products Exports from India

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Dated: 02.10.2019

Govt. of India Launches TMA (Transport & Marketing Assistance) Scheme for Promoting Export of Agricultural Products from ITC(HS) Chapters 1 to 24-with Exceptions List


The Govt. of India has launched a Transport & Marketing Assistance scheme (TMA) to thrust & promote the Exports of Agricultural products from India. In relation to this DGFT has issued various Public Notices to notify the Public, Customs, Trade Bodies, and Exporter’s.

The procedures to avail assistance under the scheme was detailed in Chapter 7(A) of “Handbook of Procedures” vide Public Notice No.82/2015-2020 dated 29.3.2019 followed by Public Notice No. 12/2015-2020 dated 25.6.2019. In accordance with para 7(A).01(c) of HBP, 2015-20, exporters can now file applications online to avail assistance under the scheme on E-COM module as under:

(i) Link for filing online application: Home Page of DGFT website ( → Services → Online ECOM applications → TMA

(ii) User manual for filing online application for TMA is available on DGFT website ( → Services → Online ECOM applications → TMA → Help. It is also available under Help Tab inside the online module.

(iii) For further processing, a self-certified ‘pdf’ copy of the print out generated by online system along with prescribed documents and a Bank Mandate Form shall be filed manually with Jurisdictional RA as specified in Appendix-7(A)B within 30 days of filing online application.

The TMA Scheme applies to agricultural products in ITC (HS) Chapters 1 to 24 with the following exceptions-

List of Products not eligible under the TMA Scheme
Chapter HS Codes
Chapters 1,2 & 5 All HS Codes
Chapter 3 030617
Chapter 4 0401 to 0406
Chapter 7 0703
Chapter 10 1001, 1006
Chapter 13 & 14 All HS Codes
Chapter 17 1701, 1703
Chapter 22 & 24 All HS Codes


Download the Trade Notices/Notification from below link


DGFT Trade Notice 29-TMA Online Filing

DGFT PN 38-2015-20-TMA Amendment

DGFT PN 25.06.19-Agri Export TMA

DGFT PN 82 dt 29.3.19-TMA



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