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Dated: 18.10.2019


Aerogenerators/Wind  Hybrid



Small wind aerogenerators in hybrid mode with solar panels are useful for off grid renewable energy based electricity generation.   The Ministry has been implementing a  programme to promote small wind turbines and wind solar hybrid systems since early 90s. Under the programme, financial support is provided for installation of wind–solar hybrid systems. The scheme was modified in 2010 with a market oriented approach and more active participation of manufacturers of these systems. Necessary provisions for quality testing of these systems were also made mandatory in the new scheme. The financial support was made on kW basis (not percentage of the cost as was in previous scheme) on reimbursement basis (no advance release as was in earlier scheme).

The scheme has been continued for the twelfth plan period with modifications on reduction in the capital subsidy to Rs. 1.00 Lakh per kW and is available only to the community users with one category of beneficiary including a minimum 10% of the annual budgetary allocations to be used for Research and Development purposes. An amount of Rs. 50.00 Crore has been approved for the twelfth plan under the scheme.


 The objective of the programme on Small Wind Energy and Hybrid Systems (SWES) is to develop technology and promote applications of water pumping windmills and aero-generators/ Wind-Solar hybrid systems including promotion by setting up of demonstration projects in North Eastern region and J&K areas.

Scheme Activities 

The program supports the following activities:

  • Financial support for setting up water pumping wind mills, aero-generators/wind solar hybrid systems,
  • Field trials & performance evaluation,
  • Demonstration,
  • Research & Development.

Demonstration projects in N-E Region, J&K Areas:

 25 SWES projects will be taken up in special areas in N-E including Sikkim and J&K including Leh and Laddakh having capacity in the range of 10 kW on demonstration basis. Under this category financial support @ Rs. 2.25 lakh per kW can be provided.  If required, suitable consultant will be engaged for preparing detailed Project Report for implementation of these projects.

Research & Development: 

Financial support is also be provided to take up R&D projects in the thrust areas of Small Wind Energy and Hybrid Systems incorporating the possible improvements in the electronics and other components of wind solar hybrid system, particularly to make such systems workable in extreme and hazardous conditions.

Physical achievements since inception:

S.No State Installed Capacity (kW)
1 Andhra Pradesh 16.0
2 Arunachal Pradesh 6.8
3 Assam 6.0
4 Goa 193.8
5 Gujarat 20.0
6 Haryana 10.0
7 Jammu & Kashmir 46.4
7 Karnataka 39.2
8 Kerala 8.0
9 Madhya Pradesh 24.0
10 Maharashtra 1468.6
11 Manipur 140.0
12 Meghalaya 191.5
13 Pondicherry 5.0
14 Punjab 50.0
15 Rajasthan 14.0
16 Sikkim 15.5
17 Tamil Nadu 24.5
18 Tripura 2.0
19 West Bengal 74.0
20 Uttarakhand 24.0
Total  2379.20


In case of SWES, Ministry has introduced a new empanelment procedure for the manufacturers of SWES systems, wherein type testing of aero-generators is mandatory as per international standard. IEC 61400-2 and IEC 61400-12-1 by National Institute of Wind Energy or other such institutions.


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MNRE Empanelled Chartered Engineers

MNRE Circular dtd 5 11 2018 for IWTCS

WTG CCDC Application MNRE


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