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Dated: 21.12.2019

Invest in India’s First NEUTRAL eFreight Marketplace

Digital Freight Forwarders are revolutionising the Freight Business globally & in in India alike. Disruption is the buzz word now across this Industry.  However by just bridging the Quote-Compare-Book-Trace mechanism online does not reduce the inefficiency in Logistics planning & execution, dispute management, accountability, transparency & risks associated with such EXIM cargo movement. In case of cross border trade the risks are even higher. It requires a meticulous planning to execute any such regular containerised or project based cargo using an online platform or offline traditional ways.

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Q-Freight is first of its Kind NEUTRAL eFreight Marketplace in India. We are not a Logistics company or even for that matter a Digital Freight Forwarder, but we are going all the way to revolutionise how Manufacturer/Traders can book Freight for their Export and Import Movement’s through MTO to & from India at their convenience of time & place. Q-Freight is a core IT platform & an aggregator of various services associated with EXIM cargo movement to & from India.

The shipping and logistics industry today is filled with emails, phone calls and document-heavy processes which can lead to huge delays in getting quotes, a lack of flexibility to change routes mid-shipment, and a lack of transparency for customers in pricing, location data, and issue resolution.

Resonating with the Indian government’s ‘Digital India’ initiative, we truly believe this is the right time to go live in the country, and we’re excited to be paving the way for revolutionising & digitization in this industry.

Q-Freight’s best part is that its processes & cloud based system runs with the most ambiguous Logistics ecosystem and does not require any special skills to use it. Even in such an ambiguous Logistics ecosystem one can be rest assured that it will give the desired result as it is NEUTRAL in nature & will have accountability of the process & performance at all levels of execution (be it Customers or Service Partners).

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As per a study by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), the indirect costs of Indian trade accrued from unreliable transport services and regulatory delays are as high as 38 – 47 percent of the total logistics cost which can be reduced by 8-10 percent by digitisation in the industry which will eventually boost India’s competitiveness and contribute additional revenues of up to US $5.5 billion annually. (Source: CII’s Stimulating India’s EXIM Growth). Industry digitization is an important pillar for growth and digital innovation is vital in revolutionizing global supply-chain management.

Some Key Highlights of the Project will be as follows:

  1. No Cost or Charges for Being a Service Partner or A Customer- Lifetime Free
  2. A Cloud Based Enterprise Platform that can be accessed 24X7
  3. Pay only when you Book
  4. Most Agile Enterprise Platform that can be bridged with any other cloud based system be it ORACLE, JAVA, SQL, MS, PHP, .NET, SAP
  5. No Hidden Charges for Service Partners or Customers
  6. Pay only what you see
  7. Dispute Resolution & Management
  8. VAS offering like Trucking, Warehousing, Customs Clearance, Cargo Insurance all under one roof
  9. Reduces cost of Customer Acquisition for Service Partners
  10. Is an additional Business Generating platform for Service Partners without any financial obligation
  11. Accountability & Traceability at all stages of operations/execution
  12. Flexible Payments-All online Mode only
  13. Very Nominal Cost once you book your cargo through
  14. Centralized Documentation Management-100% Digital
  15. 24X7 Customer Care


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