Plastic Waste Management- Connecting BOP/Rag Pickers to the Formal system

Dated: 30.06.2019


The Way Forward- Plastic Waste Management in India


  • Recycling is US $500 Billion Industry Worldwide
  • Generating 1.5 Million direct and another 1.5 Million Indirect employment
  • Most of Municipal Solid Waste plant are non-operational or running below 30% capacity
  • Opportunity to Impact 1.5 Million Waste Pickers in India
  • Create Waste Management Practices which are CORRECTIVE and not PREVENTIVE

Looking forward to implement a sound & sustainable Plastic Waste Management program keeping in mind the inclusiveness of the BOP segment & various other stake holders involved at various stages.

We have the immediate & long term plan to execute the following-

  1. Team Building
  2. Identifying the right resources for the right task
  3. Creating an in-house model of the IT & software development- Mobile app & analytics Management
  4. In consultation with the Local Municipal Bodies Identify the Waste Exchange Centre’s (WEC) in the given territorial jurisdiction- connected to the App & sensor based system
  5. Integrate informal waste pickers into the formal system
  6. Provide scheduled waste pick-up services to Corporate and Retail customers
  7. Connect 1000+ waste pickers
  8. 80% sourcing (by volume) to be done from BOP
  9. Waste pick-up as a service
  10. Connect Industry, BOP/Rag Pickers/Households, Hotels & Corporate establishments
  11. Appropriate training to the stake holders on How Where What Why?
  12. Identify Programs & benefits for this Project under various Govt initiatives like Smart Cities Mission (for Infrastructure), Swachh Bharat (Sanitation/Waste Management), Skill India (Employability), Digital India (Data Information), Start-up India (Take unconventional Route), Make in India (Produce/Consume/Recycle)
  13. Citizen Awareness
  14. Extended Producer Responsibility Compliance possible Technology Driven which is Transparent, Scalable & can be replicated in any given situation
  15. Analytics, Maintenance Decisions Support System (MDSS)
  16. Sanitation/Waste collection scheduling solution
  17. Sensor based waste store & collection
  18. Crowd sourcing
  19. Online services
  20. Sensor based sorting
  21. Crowd funding & corporate funding under CSR initiatives




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