Simple Steps for Imported Cosmetics Registration with CDSCO India



Dated: 06.11.2021

Simple Steps for Imported Cosmetics Registration with CDSCO

Planning to Import Cosmetics in India? Please follow these simple steps to register your Imported Cosmetics with the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO).

Step 1: Self attest the following documents & keep the scanned PDF’s ready for uploading- Aadhaar card of the Signing Authority, Authorization Format (Download below), GSTIN & IEC Code of the Legal entity, Certificate of Incorporation (only for Pvt Ltd/Ltd Firms)

Step 2: User Sign up/Registration to be completed at

Step 3: Fill & complete the online User Regn Form & Upload the already scanned PDF files as given in Step 1

Step 4: wait for email confirmation for the activation of the User Account- email received from CDSCO/CDAC team

Step 5: on the login console complete the User Profile after 1st time login & Add Users (Self explanatory process)

Step 6: Go to Submit Application Link in the User Profile Segment on the Home Page & Select “Registration of Cosmetics” & Sub Selection dropdown is COS-1

Step 7: Select Type of Application as “Fresh/Endorsement/Re-Registration”

Step 8: First & Foremost Complete the Product details excel sheet. Note please do not change any format in the excel sheet as it will not upload properly in the CDSCO system then. (Download the excel sheet below & keep it ready before hand)

Step 9: Fill up all the relevant data/information in the online form & upload the excel sheet to generate the preview of Form Form-42/COS-1

Step 10:  Go to MENU on the top left side of the login screen and select “Online Payment” & then “Make Payment”. The Fee structure at this moment is USD 500 for the Manufacturing premises plus USD 1000/Product Category & USD 50 per Variant of the product.

Step 11: Wait for 2-3 working days for the Chalan to get generated at BharatKosh portal. You can also track the Challan status at Bharatkosh portal under the segment. If Challan is generated then download the same & keep it ready for upload at CDSCO login portal when prompted for

Step 12: Upload all the relevant documents as per the online Checklist generated through hyperlinked upload mechanism. If uploaded successfully each checklist will turn automatically GREEN

Step 13: As the screen migrates please upload the TR6 Chalan, which was generated at the Bharatkosh portal, then a final version of online Form-42/COS-1 is generated by the system. Please download the same and print it sign it & stamp it. Please upload the scanned pdf immediately within 5 minutes after downloading the same. If the login is idle for over 7-8 minutes then the system will automatically sign you off & then it will not allow you to submit the Form COS-1 without payment validation again as the challan is locked by the system & it cannot be USED without getting it released by the IT team of CDSCO. Hence please ensure that the scanned signed & stamped pdf of COS-1 is uploaded within 5 minutes once downloaded.

Step 14: Submit the application & the application Reference No is generated instantly online. Wait for 90 days for the approval of the FRESHLY submitted application.

The process guidelines have been curated for self-users only. In case you still require assistance please feel free to connect with us and we ensure that everything is taken care off by us.

Download below:

CDSCO Authorization Format:

<object class="wp-block-file__embed" data="; type="application/pdf" style="width:100%;height:600px" aria-label="Embed of <strong>CDSCO-AffidavitCDSCO-AffidavitDownload

Product Details Excel Sheet Format of CDSCO:


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