Legal Metrology & Packaged Commodity (LMPC) Registration


Dated: 28.06.2021

Legal Metrology & Packaged Commodity (LMPC) Registration

Alert: Indian Importers across India are facing hassle in clearing their Packaged commodities which you have imported and are stuck at customs because of the Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity (LMPC) Regn. Don’t worry at all we are here to get the LMPC Regn done for you irrespective of your location anywhere across India with a guarantee of approval in 1 weeks time Max………

Key Highlights:

  1. Importer may be located anywhere across India
  2. Official timeline for LMPC Importers Regn is 15-20 day, however we deliver this within 1 week or 5 working days that’s it
  3. Documents that we require from you are given below-
  6. Aadhaar Card of the Proprietor in case of Proprietorship firm or LIST OF DIRECTORS/PARTNERS/PROPRIETOR (In case of Pvt Ltd/Ltd pls mention the respective DIN Nos of all the Directors of the company)
  7. Duly completed Packaging Slips for all the proposed products for the regn

Still finding this difficult to understand, then we wish to inform you all that LMPC regn is a mandatory Labelling & MRP based compliance with is in effect since 01st April 2011, the day when the LMPC Rules, 2011 was made a mandate in India. This regn is compulsory for Importers, Manufacturers, Dealers/Distributors, Repackagers/Repairer’s all.

LMPC Regn is mandatory for any product & every product that is sold in RETAIL or WHOLESALE anywhere across India. However, there are certain exemptions granted under the LMPC Rules, 2011 and the registration is not required for the below cases-

  1. Any product that is packed in sachet of 20 Gms or less does not require LMPC regn
  2. Bulk Food grains packed in 50 Kg & above packing does not require LMPC Registration
  3. Any product that is imported as a input/raw material for production purposes and for CAPTIVE use only are also exempted from the LMPC regn

Apart from the above cited 3 categories any product & every product in whatever packaging style it may be would require the LMPC registration.

Connect with the undersigned for a seamless regn under the LMPC Rules, 2011 from anywhere in India with the basic details like the nature of Firm (Pvt.Ltd/Ltd/LLP/Proprietorship) and the total number of products that you intend to register under LMPC to assist you further. Kindly drop your requirements with the asked details via email at the undersigned email IDs given below.

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Disclaimer: The LMPC Regn is issued by the Govt of India, Deptt of Consumer Affairs, the Rules & Regulations can be amended anytime without any prior information. Please refer to the official sources before effecting any decision.