Importing goods in India- simple steps for a smooth import procedure


Dated: 22.04.2022

Importing goods in India- simple steps for a smooth import procedure




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There are some simple steps that an Indian importer can follow to avoid any hassle, across any Indian customs port, irrespective of their product or industry type.


  1. First & foremost Pls recheck on the applicability of any special import license, if required for your products before effecting any shipment from overseas- Kindly ensure you have them ready before the goods are shipped out by the supplier
  2. Be very clear about your products description & applicable ITC(HS) classification that you intend to import in India- Ask the supplier to share all product related literature before preparing the shipment related documents
  3. Check the Draft documents firstly and ask the overseas supplier to first share the sets of draft documents related to the goods before finalizing the same- Most Importers ignore the importance of this stage & almost 80% of the issues are found at this stage
  4. Kindly check if there is any FTA/PTA/CEPA between India and the respective exporting country- in case you wish to avail import duty benefits, if available
  5. Ensure that the goods are covered under appropriate Marine/Cargo/WH Insurance from end to end- take a separate Insurance to avoid any unforeseen risks, it does not cost that much at all
  6. Recheck the correct applicable INCOTERMS
  7. Based on the INCOTERM the draft documents from the Freight Forwarder/Shipping Line/Airlines needs to be checked too before the ‘FINAL’ copy is issued- Another area where many Importers miss out something or the other
  8. It is always advisable to file a Prior Bill of Entry (BoE), at least 7-10 days in advance (in case of Sea shipments) & 1-2 days in advance (in case of Air shipments), in the wake of faceless assessment environment- any query/clarification request raised by the Indian customs can be addressed at this stage itself, in case the evaluation at the earlier stages as mentioned above are not done, and necessary corrective measures can be initiated before the actual consignment arrives so as to avoid any detention or demurrage at the port- Your CHA might be highly reluctant to file the Prior BoE anyway, but persuade them to do so to avoid future risks
  9. Once the cargo is cleared ensure a timely issuance of GST eWay bill for a smooth movement of the imported goods from the port of import to your factory/warehouse etc
  10. Maintain all appropriate records documents, invoices, BoE etc- Audit can be done by customs authority up to 7 years from the date of import, depending on case-to-case basis only

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