Import of Areca Nuts in India under the India-Sri Lanka FTA


Dated: 08.11.2023

Import of Areca Nuts in India under the India-Sri Lanka FTA (SAFTA) Agreement

Areca nut or betel nut, as commonly referred in India is a seed of the Areca Palm tree, that goes with the botanical name Areca catechu. Native to India, also known as supari, the word areca originated from multiple South Indian languages like Adike in Kannada, Ataykka in Malayalam and Adaikkay in Tamil. 

In order to safeguard the local producers of Areca Nuts/Betel Nut growers and local industry in India the Office of the DGFT along with The Customs authorities have imposed certain prohibitory/restrictive measures on the Import of Areca Nuts/Betel Nuts in India.

In order to have a smooth import clearance the Indian Importers must comply with the below requirements in order to avoid any legal issues going forward at the time of actual Imports.

It is important to follow the Indian law under any circumstances and should not be violative of the Indian Customs Act, 1962 or the FTDR Act, 1992.

Some key and important factors to keep in mind for importing Areca Nuts from Sri Lanka:

  1. The suppliers’ Invoice, Packing List and other shipping documents like the B/L etc. should have a clear and unambiguous Product description and ITC(HS) code 0802 and then the respective last 4 digits as per the actual product imported. Any sort of misdeclaration shall be a violation of the Customs Act, 1962.
  2. Ask the supplier to issue the certificate of origin as per Notification No. 68/2012-Customs dtd 31.12.2012 read with Notification No. 26 /2000-Customs, dated 1st March 2000 & notification No. 19 /2000-Customs (N.T), dated the 1st March 2000
  3. The Certificate or Origin must comply with the latest requirements under Notification No 81/2020-Customs (NT) dtd 21.08.2020 for the Wholly owned product of the originating country under the CAROTAR Rules, 2020
  4. The Indian importer must possess a bonafide FSSAI Import license for Areca Nuts/Betel Nuts issued by the Central Licensing Authority, New Delhi
  5. The Indian Importer must ensure that they comply with DGFT Notification no. 57/2015-2020 dtd 14.02.2023 read with latest Customs Notification No. Notification No. 79/2023-CUSTOMS (N.T.) dtd 31.10.2023 for Minimum Import Price (MIP) compliance. The respective agencies may change the MIP through a proper notification anytime.

Some Important Import Statistics of Areca Nuts/Betel Nuts in India:

Download the Notifications Below:

  1. Customs Notf 79-2023

  2. DGFT Notfn 57 MIP

  3. Customs Notf 81-2020 Revised


Source reference: CBIC/DGFT Websites, New Delhi


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