Scheme & Scope for Electronics Manufacturing in India-The underlying financial benefits

Investment & Financial Opportunity in Electronic Manufacturing in India

Dated: 03/01/2017


To offset disability and attract investments in Electronic manufacturing, Modified Special Incentive Package Scheme (M-SIPS) was notified on 27.7.2012.

The scheme is available for both new projects and expansion projects. The scheme provides capital subsidy of 20% in SEZ (25% in non-SEZ) for units engaged in electronics manufacturing. It also provides for reimbursements of CVD/ excise for capital equipment for the non-SEZ units. For some of the high capital investment projects like fabs, it provides for reimbursement of Central Taxes and Duties. The incentives are provided on reimbursement basis. The incentives were available for 29 electronic verticals. Units all across the manufacturing value chain are covered under the scheme. For each of the product category, an investment threshold is prescribed which an applicant has to incur for getting eligible for incentives. The investment threshold varies from Rs 1 Crore to Rs 5000 Crores depending upon a type of project. The incentives are available for 10 years from the date of approval. The scheme was initially opened for 3 years till 26-07-2015 .

The scheme was amended on August 3, 2015. The salient amendments include (i) The term of the scheme has been extended upto 27-07-2020. (ii) The scope of the scheme has been extended to cover additional verticals. (iii) The procedure for grant of approval has been simplified and streamlined.The incentives are now available for investments made in a project within a period of 10 years from the date of application

The M-SIPS require applicants to submit applications with Financial Closure (tied up funds) for the project they propose to execute. The Financial Closure for a project, however, can be given in phases.

As per para 6.1 of M-SIPS notification, to consider the applications under the scheme and to submit it’s recommendations, an Appraisal Committee headed by Additional Secretary , DeitY have been constituted.

The non- refundable application fee which is required to be submitted along with the application form has been separately notified. It varies from Rs 10,000/- for projects costing less than 10 crores to Rs 1,00,000/- for projects costing 10,000 crores and above.

M-SIPS scheme is presently open to receive applications. All Initial applications which will be received by DeitY on or before 26-07-2020 will be considered for incentives under M-SIPS. The Nodal Officer is the key contact for all communications relating to M-SIPS. Nodal Officer (M-SIPS) has been appointed. All applications under M-SIPS are required to be submitted online at

We at S.J. EXIM Services assist our clients in preparing the extensive documentation for the license approval. It is our effort that we keep our clients posted on the statutory compliances that has to be on records from time to time to avail the benefits of this scheme as disbursed from time to time. We ensure that our clients get the maximum permissible/applicable financial benefit under this scheme. Last but not the least we also get the BIS approvals done for our clients under this segment of Electronics manufacturing.

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