Availing Concessional Customs Duty Certificate for Solar Projects in India


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Dated: 17.10.2019

How to avail Concessional Customs Duty Certificate for Solar Projects in India

In reference to this Ministry’s OM No. 30/20/2011-12/NSM dated 26th November, 2015 regarding procedure for routing the Bill of Material by the Solar Power Developers (SPDs) for approving Bill of Material and issue of Concessional Customs Duty Certificate (CCDCs) and Excise Duty Exemption Certificates (EDECs) for availing duty concession/exemption on the procurement of items/material/components required for initial setting up of solar power generation projects or facility.

The new procedure for submission of total Bill of Material for issuing Concessional Customs Duty Certificate (CCDCs) & Excise Duty Exemption Certificates (EDECs) and recommendation of State Nodal Agencies after verification of installation of the projects is under:

  • The Solar Project Developers shall prepare the total Bill of Material (BoM) in the Ministry portal in four blocks namely Solar Block, Power Block, Power Evacuation Block and Measuring Instruments Block and submit along with supporting documents, self – certification and Affidavits etc., (as per checklist)
  • Developer shall get the total Bill of Material (BoM) scrutinized by chartered Engineer
  • Developer shall submit the application of total Bill of Material (BoM) directly to Ministry of New and Renewable Energy
  • The application shall be scrutinized in the Ministry with help of standardized Bill of Material for Solar Photovoltaic Projects and on case to case basis for Solar Thermal projects
  • The BoM application shall be approved by the Ministry if the requirement of material is less than or equal to material requirement for Standard BoM
  • The Developer shall generate certificates and submit to MNRE along with supporting documents for issuing certificates
  • After the Project is completed Developer shall submit the reconciliation report to Chartered Engineers for verification of material consumed with two months
  • Developer shall submit the Reconciliation Report to concerned State Nodal Agencies or to some experts or any Agencies authorized by MNRE who shall submit recommendation to MNRE after physical verification of the project if the project is more than 1.0 MW capacity, for smaller project paper verification is enough
  • The Developer/ EPC contractor will not be given approval of Bill of Material (BoM) and any certificate for existing or any other future project if these organizations failed to submit the Reconciliation Report within two months of date of commissioning

Process of applying, approving of Bill of Material (BOM) & issuing of certificates & submission of reconciliation reports for issuing CCDC for initial setup of Solar Energy Projects

  1. Developer access web portal 164.100.194
  2. Developer enters initial information and applies for incentives
  3. Developer Receives Username and password from system on registered email
  4. Developer logs in the system and fills in details of the projects
  5. Developer enters Bill of Material and finalises
  6. Developer enter details of project and finalises
  7. Developer takes the physical copies of BOM and relevant papers such as for Charter Engineer for certification
  8. Developer uploads singed copy of BOM & other papers such as Drawings, Clearances obtained, PPAs etc
  9. Developer uploads the signed copy of BOM along with statutory clearances
  10. Submits the application
  11. The application is examined in the Ministry
  12. MNRE sends email to Developer regarding Deficiencies
  13. Developer uploads the required Documents
  14. The BOM is approved
  15. Developer prepares certificate as per the consignment uploads relevant P.O.s High sea sale agreements etc and sends to MNRE for verification
  16. The certificate details in proposed certificates and details on the vouchers are verified and send back to Developer as verified
  17. Developer prints out certificates and signs physical copy
  18. Developer brings copy to MNRE for signature
  19. Certificates is physically signed and is issued
  20. Developer collects signed certificate from MNRE
  21. Developer uploads signed copy in the system
  22. Developer produces certificate to Customs office for calculation of duty
  23. Customs officer verifies certificates by with entering verification code in portal
  24. Developer takes certificates as per requirement subjected to maximum quantity approved in BOM
  25. Developer commissions the project
  26. Developer prepares reconciliation report from the portal
  27. Developer gets Reconciliation report verified by Chartered Engineer
  28. Developer takes Chartered Engineer to site for inspection for project of 1.0 MW capacity and above
  29. Developer uploads reconciliation report in portal and submits hard copy in MNRE
  30. Submission of Reconciliation report is entered in the system by MNRE

Regarding any query in respect of creation of user id or any other query related to Custom/Excise duty exemption certificate, user may send a mail to us at ccdcedec-mnre@nic.in


Download the Important Scheme related Documents Here

MNRE Guidelines-ccms

Office OM 16thSept-MNRE CCDC

MNRE Empanelled Chartered Engineers

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