Cosmetics Import Registration in Dubai/UAE


Dated: 13.01.2022

Cosmetics Import Registration in Dubai/UAE


S.J. EXIM Services team looks at the mandatory steps that need to be taken to import and put cosmetics and perfume products on the UAE market.

The personal care sector is strictly regulated in the Middle-East. In particular, the Member States of the GCC have introduced a variety of legislation regulating this sector.

This means that it is paramount for international companies looking to export and distribute these regulated products in the region to understand how to navigate the regulatory and legislative landscapes.

the Emirates Standardization and Meteorological Authority (ESMA) is the body established and mandated by the Federal Law No 28 of 2001 to regulate and supervise the personal care sector in the country.

ESMA has implemented a product certification scheme, the Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme (ECAS), for all imported and locally manufactured cosmetic and perfumery products. The purpose of the ECAS is to ensure that such products comply with the applicable technical standards before they are imported into the UAE, at the port of entry, or put on the UAE market (for locally manufactured products).

Key legislation

In order to be offered for sale and used in the UAE, imported and locally-manufactured cosmetics and perfumery products must comply with health and safety requirements that are primarily set out by the following legislation:

Cabinet Decision No. 18 of 2014 on the UAE Regulation for the Control of Cosmetics and Personal Care Products (the “Cosmetics Law”)

Cabinet Decision No. 5 of 2014 on the UAE Regulation for the Supervision of Fragrances (the “Fragrances Law”)

The Cosmetics Law applies to all types of cosmetics and personal care products offered, manufactured, imported, supplied, packed, or used within the UAE.

The Cosmetics Law defines cosmetics and personal care products as:

“any substance or mixture made for the use and contact of the external organs and parts of the body (such as the skin, hair, nails, lips, teeth, genitals or the mucosa of oral cavity) for the purpose of cleaning or perfuming them, changing their appearance, or enhancing their smell, or protecting or keeping them in the best shape.

This excludes:

medical products used in the treatment of diseases; and

devices and tools accompanying cosmetics.

The Fragrances Law applies to all types of perfume products offered, manufactured, imported, exported, packed, or used within the UAE.

The Fragrances Law defines perfume products as:

“any cosmetics and personal care products with a nice scent, composed of essential oils, fixatives, alcohol solution, water, permissible colorants, anti-oxidants and solvents.”

Applicable technical standards

Safety: Standard GSO 1943/2016 set by the Gulf Standardization Organization (GSO)

Packaging: Standard UAE S. GSO ISO 22175 relating to packaging and labelling and Standard UAE.S GSO 2093 relating to glass containers (in case of glass containers) used for cosmetics.

Metrology: Standard UAE.S GSO OIML R87 relating to the quantity of product in containers.

Labelling: Emirati Standard No. UAE.S GSO 1943

Registration Levels: At ESMA & at Municipality level

Appointing a local distributor

An international company may choose to appoint an already existing local company to import and distribute its products in the UAE.

Who Shall Register

a.  Cosmetics manufacturer or distributors who export cosmetics to UAE

b.  Importers/primary distributor of Cosmetics in UAE

Our Services

We act as a technical provider for foreign and domestic cosmetic manufacturers or distributors who want to export cosmetics to UAE market to notify cosmetics and perfumes so as to comply with the Cosmetics Law and Fragrances Law.

Our services include:

UAE Cosmetic   and Perfumery Products Notification –             Formula and label review

–           Testing coordination;

–           ECAS Certification

–           Dossier preparation and submission;

–           Technical translation



Source: ESMA, Govt of UAE

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