Gati Shakti Multi Modal Logistics Park-The Future of Integrated Logistics



Dated: 30.11.2022


Gati Shakti Multi Modal Logistics Park-The Future of Integrated Logistics

The Gati Shakti scheme essentially a digital platform to bring 16 Ministries including Railways and Roadways together for integrated planning and coordinated implementation of infrastructure connectivity projects. The multi-modal connectivity will provide integrated and seamless connectivity for movement of people, goods and services from one mode of transport to another. It will facilitate the last mile connectivity of infrastructure and also reduce travel time for people.

PM Gati Shakti is based on six pillars:

Comprehensiveness: It will include all the existing and planned initiatives of various Ministries and Departments with one centralized portal. Each and every Department will now have visibility of each other’s activities providing critical data while planning & execution of projects in a comprehensive manner.

Prioritization: Through this, different Departments will be able to prioritize their projects through cross-sectoral interactions.

Optimization: The National Master Plan will assist different ministries in planning for projects after identification of critical gaps. For the transportation of the goods from one place to another, the plan will help in selecting the most optimum route in terms of time and cost.

Synchronization: Individual Ministries and Departments often work in silos. There is lack of coordination in planning and implementation of the project resulting in delays. PM Gati Shakti will help in synchronizing the activities of each department, as well as of different layers of governance, in a holistic manner by ensuring coordination of work between them.

Analytical: The plan will provide the entire data at one place with GIS based spatial planning and analytical tools having 200+ layers, enabling better visibility to the executing agency.

Dynamic: All Ministries and Departments will now be able to visualize, review and monitor the progress of cross-sectoral projects, through the GIS platform, as the satellite imagery will give on-ground progress periodically and progress of the projects will be updated on a regular basis on the portal. It will help in identifying the vital interventions for enhancing and updating the master plan.

We support your plans to build on the benefits of setting up a MMLP under the Gati Shakti scheme. Seek our assistance on any of the below.


Pre-Bid stage: Conduct Pre-Feasibility or Evaluating Pre-Feasibility submitted by the client, multiple stake holder negotiations/reviews, legal/contract management support & review, documentation handling for Bid Proposal preparation, keep a track of change management, proposal acceptance & change cycle evaluation

Bid Stage: Bidding on behalf of the applicant, coordinating with different stake holders and client representation as and when required

Source: PM Gati Shakti Scheme


Some of Our Major/Reputed Clients:

  1. Winomechanic Pvt Ltd, Chennai
  2. LSML Pvt Ltd, Chennai
  3. Sun Pharmaceutical Limited, Mumbai
  4. Liberty Shoes Limited, Karnal
  5. Guangzhou Xiongli Battery Co, Ltd, China
  6. Shanutec Shanghai Electronic Technology Co, Ltd, China
  7. Audiophile India Pvt Ltd, Delhi
  8. Viralcurry Digital Pvt Ltd, Delhi
  9. The Plume Cosmetics, Delhi
  10. Emami Limited, Kolkata
  11. Leitner Group Europe


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