Phased Implementation of Electronic Cash Ledger (ECL) in Customs wef 01/04/2023



Dated: 03.04.23


Phased Implementation of Electronic Cash Ledger (ECL) in Customs


The Electronic Cash Ledger (ECL) functionality is envisaged in Section 51A of the Customs Act, 1962. It provides enabling provision whereby the importer, exporter or any person liable to pay duty, fees etc., under the Customs Act, has to make a non-interest-bearing deposit with the Government for the purpose of payment. The Customs (Electronic Cash Ledger) Regulations, 2022 (ECLR) notified vide No. 20/2022-Customs (N.T) dt. 30.03.2022 govern the manner of operationalization of ECL and related aspects. The statutory provision came into force on 01.06.2022.

Circular No.09 /2023-Customs dtd 30/03/2023 is in reference to the phase wise implementation of ECL in Customs.

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Implementation of Electronic Cash Ledger (ECL) in Customs




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